Why is the Study of UFOs So Important?

  • Published on December 5, 2016

Jan C. Harzan

Mutual UFO Network, Executive Director, A Non-profit organization.

Associate Consultant in ACO Association and UFO Association.

Some may ask: “What benefit could there be to the study of UFOs?” When perhaps the real question should be: “What has more potential to profoundly change humanity than the study of UFOs?” 

The scientific study of UFOs is important because it not only helps researchers discover the true nature of the UFO phenomenon, but it may also lead to significant scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements to improve life on our planet. 

In the case of true extraterrestrial or supernatural phenomena, research provides a means to help us understand UFO incidents. Research also offers the public proof of this phenomena. As scientists, UFO researchers seek out knowledge of the world and consider the possibility that humans may not be the only self-conscious beings in this universe.  

“If other intelligences have made contact, I would like to know about it,” says Gregory Vásquez, Ph.D, Field Investigator for The Mutual UFO Network. “I believe that knowing we may not be alone on this planet would cause each of us to reflect on our priorities, our beliefs and what is important in our lives.”

UFO research also has the potential to change our world. Although we do not know the ultimate answer to the UFO enigma, mankind’s most significant advances have occurred in the study of topics that were not initially popular as areas of scientific study.  

There are a vast number of technological and societal benefits to the study of UFOs, including the change in how man would potentially view himself and fellow humans. Throughout history man has been at the center of his universe and at the top of the living creature pecking order. Would the discovery of more advanced life forms in the universe alter man’s perception of his place in the cosmos? 

“Much has been reported over the past several decades on the subject of UFOs, mostly in the form of story-telling and urban legend,” states Jan C. Harzan, Executive Director of MUFON. “There has long been a crying need for an organization to help pull all the pieces together, fact by fact, and make sense of this profound mystery. MUFON is that organization.” 

Since 1969, MUFON has been actively soliciting UFO reports from the public and systematically collecting and analyzing relevant data from every case through field investigations. The scientific method begins with observation and follows through with data collection and analysis, and ultimately creating and testing a hypothesis. 

“I became a scientist due to my natural curiosity to learn, discover and solve problems. I became a UFO field investigator to examine the evidence firsthand, and to see direct proof of extraterrestrial or supernatural events,” adds Vásquez. “Continuous UFO research furthers our quest for understanding the unknown and unusual occurrences of the world.” 

The Mutual UFO Network is the world’s oldest and largest UFO phenomenon investigative body. MUFON has nearly 600 active field investigators that review and report on hundreds of sightings each month from around the world. Since 1969, MUFON has investigated more than 100,000 cases.  

As a 501(c)(3) organization, MUFON also and has several underwriting opportunities so that the nonprofit group can continue research and further its mission. 100% of our funding comes from the public either through membership in MUFON, which is open to anyone with an interest in the UFO subject, and/or through Donations to support the important work we do.Report this


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We’re not alone! Ground creatures should gracefully be united whatever their backgrounds under specific sustainable healthy, civilized regulations & rid off all conflicts over this planet in order to spread peace around us. In parallel perpetuate seeking after new lives in other universesLikeLike Abdulla Abu Yassin’s commentReply1yrobert emersonStatus is reachable

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