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As an advocate for self awareness and motivational programs, I am also a health advocate. I share that we all have our own life story to tell. We are the author’s of our own life story and assisting others in inspiration and co-creation is important. We can be in service to others while sharing our own passion for life.

Life is short in terms of the entire creation of the social awareness memes and our cosmos.

We welcome to our way of knowing that alien civilizations exist and that we are not alone in the universes.

We are not the only level of sentient intelligent beings.

I have a passion which drives me to share that I know that we are immortal souls/ My experiences have proven to me personally that my testimony matters when it comes to sharing that our observer, our memories go with us when we pass from this body-mind-spirit-container . Our vessel we use on this level of existence with our senses as a human being.

We all assemble the knowledge we take with us when we die. This is important. Therefore, I want to share that how we live, think, and thrive is not just about being alive and surviving but much more.

It is about learning that we are not alone in the Coamos which has a universal order.

We take with us when we leave that which we learn here as humanoid sentient intelligent beings.

We can all be more, do more, understand more, who we are, why we are here, and where we are going when we leavel all the mysteries behind once again.

I have had near death experiences and have been an ET Contactee and now share that we are all more than we appear. We are all here to learn more to be able to do more and give more in our future.

We all are immortal beings with a soul. The fact that I can leave my physical body and return with memories intact prove to me that we are all here for a purpose. That is to learn more about being an immortal soul with a future in space.

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