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UFO: Unidentified Flying Object logy: Used to describe a subject rather than the study of it. UFOlogy is a group dedicated to the belief that UFO’s are real. The group has been created in order to provide a place for discussion about the UFO Phenomenon.


Kristen Ann Winslet= Owner/Founder of the Linked In GroupKristen Ann Winslet

Dear Colleague, Thanks for taking a moment to review my professional background. I have years offinancial and project management experience working in partnership with Business, Finance, IT and CrossFunctional teams worldwide. I am recognized as being the “Go To”​ person. My expertise in data analysi


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  • says the Voyager missions have delivered far beyond their expectations. The most interesting aspect of that is . . . they are still performing:
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  • says I had a great meeting with the museum staff at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, PA last week, (Monday, November 5th). The staff has indicated that they are very excited about my donation of Colonial & Post Colonial Coins, Tokens & Medals to the museum. They were impressed by the samples I brought to the meeting. I am in the process of deciding on a donation timeline, considering the timing with regard to the earliest possible date the handover can take place. Additional pieces will be added to the donation over the next few years as we close in on July 4, 2026, America’s 250th Anniversary, but an earlier handover is preferred by me, the donor. If you like what I am doing and would like to participate, please check my profile for more information:
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  • says naval seamanship has come along way from 240 years ago when mutiny took place aboard the HMS Bounty. In 1787, the HMS Bounty embarked on a mission that would make history, mutiny aboard a British Naval Ship on a mission to deliver breadfruit to the West Indies plantations as a food source for the slaves. A different world, a world where frontiers still existed and opportunity there for the taking. (Seventeen years after the Bounty mutiny, on 13 August 1806, he was appointed Governor of New South Wales in Australia, with orders to clean up the corrupt rum trade of the New South Wales Corps. His actions directed against the trade resulted in the so-called Rum Rebellion, during which Bligh was placed under arrest on 26 January 1808 by the New South Wales Corps and deposed from his command, an act which the British Foreign Office later declared to be illegal):
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  • Chief Data Scientist (Volunteer Activity)

    Company Name:


    Dates EmployedSep 2017 – Present

    Employment Duration1 yr 3 mos

    Location:Hackettstown, N.J. (USA)

    Provide objective reporting around UFO Sightings submitted to the MUFON Case ManagementSystem (CMS) by witnesses of strange phenomenon in the Earth’s Atmosphere. I report to the International Executive Director of the organization Jan Harzan.
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  • EPIC Voyagers State Director & Sr. Investigator of Unexplained Phenomenon, N.J. (Volunteer Activity)

    Company NameE.P.I.C. Extraordinary Phenomenon Investigative Council

    Dates EmployedJul 2011 – Present

    Employment Duration7 yrs 5 mos

    LocationKeller, TX (HQ)

    (07/2011 – Present) State Director & Senior Investigator of Unexplained Phenomenon, New Jersey

    12.1% of Life/Work Experience (Volunteer)
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  • Numismatist “For America’s 250th Anniversary” (Personal Project)

    Company NameThe Winslet Collection

    Dates EmployedJan 2005 – Present

    Employment Duration13 yrs 11 mos

    LocationHackettstown, NJ

    In preparation of America’s 250th Anniversary, I am making a contribution of Colonial & PostColonial Coins, Tokens and Medals to the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, PA:

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