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ACO Allied Command Organization

Subject: TJMorris UFO Association – Read for Certification for Ufologists
UFO Association certification for members only!

UFO Association

*Historians *

A Peer Group of Co-Creators sharing in humanities educational

*We build teams of friends who enjoy sharing what UFO and UAP contribute to
our lives.*

*Application for Certification:  *Certification also requires completing
the Application Form in full, and submitting it for review by the Board of
Certification, with all requisite supporting documentation and payment of a
non-refundable certification application administrative fee, and a signed
copy of the Certification Agreement Form, in which the applicant agrees to
comply with Board of Certification policies and procedures.

There are no training, educational, or work experience requirements needed
to register for and sit for the certification examination. An individual
who has passed the examination, but who does not meet the other eligibility
requirements for certification, may not claim to hold certification status.
Any individual who uses the certification designation before having been
awarded certification by the Board of Certification may be ineligible for
certification in the future.

*Agents, Consultants, Organizers of ACO support our UFO Association

*We are in support of our colleagues who share educational entertainment,
meaning, time, space, and life mission and purpose for the future of all
humanoid sentient intelligent beings.*

* We are a peer group who share accountability, caring and excellence.*

*We are looking for individuals who are ready to commit to our principles,
create opportunities and share in the success while helping our company to
thrive. We live by accountability and the right candidate will show strong
initiative and follow through.*

*Our UFO Executive Assistants will provide consistent, best-in-class
service with the highest level of quality and care. Our Executive Assistant
will manage, resolve and prevent problems efficiently; communicate
effectively; and exceed expectations.*

*Our ideal candidate will possess the following principles and values:*

·         * Accountability: See it, Own it, Solve it, Do it*

·         * Compassion: Show respect for others and their feelings*

·         * Decisive Action: Act now, not later*

·         * Constant and never-ending improvement: “What else can I do?”
“What coaching do you have for me?” “What can I do better?”*

·         * Integrity: Do what you say you are going to do.*

·         * Personal Ownership: Become a part of the solution*

·         * Excellence: Reject Average*

*Executive Assistant Responsibilities*

·         * Manage scheduling, travel, and other tasks (for CEO, COO,
others as needed) *

·         *Daily/Weekly/Monthly performance reports*

·         * Manage CEO’s inbox (create daily summary list, keep him abreast
of urgent matters, keep ball rolling when possible)*

·         *Manage travel (for CEO, COO, others as needed) Manage upkeep of
spreadsheets (Perm Placement, Corporate Rankings, New Hire, New Client,
Sales Totals, Margin, Out of Compliance)*

·         * Manage properties for rentals, maintenance and repair *

·         *Assist CEO with airport transfers, shopping, and other tasks as

·         *Create company brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials*

·         *Maintain social media accounts and company website*
*Morphogenetic Field of the Creator Code.* *Programming of the ALL as
Consciousness that underlies all and is the essence of what causes energy/
electricity to transform from a generalized state into that which we deign
it to be. It may be conscious energy that forms the morphogenetic fields
and organizes all things we think of in nature.

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