ACO Membership Categories
The ACO Association International has established the following classifications of members:

Ambassador of Goodwill- Practitioner in the Health & Wellness, Body-Mind-Spirit Advancement
Authors Club Organization
Educators Research Association
Voting Member- Agent, Consultant, Organizer, Educator, Researcher
Ombudsman- Associations, Organizations, Institutions,

UFO Association
Theresa J Morris
TJ Morris Agency

Any individual who agrees to support and advance the mission of the ACO A.I.
ACTIVE VOTES- Active in Good Standing pays $25.00 Administrative Admission Fee. Reinstatement based on annual dues of $24.00 for supporter of the Arts Level. Link listed in directory.

Web Presence Membership Separate.


Members are entitled to vote on all matters that are presented to the Association, provided that
they are current in their dues and other obligations to the Association.

Student Affiliate Member
A student who agrees to support and advance the mission of the ACO A.I.
Student Affiliate Members are not entitled to vote on matters that are presented to the Association.

Retired Member Ambassador of Goodwill Supporting Health Advocate for the greater good of humanity and/or Ombudsman.

A Retired Member is a person who has retired from the practice of ACO ombudsman with a minimum of two years of service and was a Member of ACO A.I. of retirement. Retired Members are entitled to vote on all matters that are presented to the Association, if they are current in their dues and other obligations to the Association.

The Association may recognize certain Retired Members who have served the Association and/or profession with distinction with the honorary title of Distinguished Emeritus. The Board will accept nominations from members and will select the recipients for the Distinguished Emeritus title.

Retired Members honored with the title of Distinguished Emeritus maintain all the rights of International Ombudsman Association Bylaws. Retired Members but are not required to pay dues to the Association.

Certified Member
Application for Certification: Certification also requires completing the Application Form in full, and submitting it for review by the Board of Certification, with all requisite supporting documentation and payment of a non-refundable certification application administrative fee, and a signed copy of the Certification Agreement Form, in which the applicant agrees to comply with Board of Certification policies and procedures.

There is no training, educational, or work experience requirements needed to register for and sit for the certification examination. An individual who has passed the examination, but who does not meet the other eligibility requirements for certification, may not claim to hold certification status. Any individual who uses the certification designation before having been awarded certification by the Board of Certification may be ineligible for certification in the future. Must support our Code of Ethics. ACO Universal Life Board of Directors must approve certification.

Committees & Task Forces
The goals and objectives of the ACO Association International are achieved largely through the work of committees. Members volunteer their expertise, time, and talent to ACO Association International these committees and are the driving force behind ACO priorities of the ACO professional community. Committee members meet regularly via conference call to determine how these needs can be met through program development or service delivery. Periodic reports are made to the Board and the membership detailing each respective committee’s activities.
All ACO committees depend on the creative talents and resources of member participants. We welcome and encourage your participation. To learn more or join a committee, please contact the chairperson of your committee of interest listed below and on the menu to the right. You can send an email to ACO A.I. Headquarter, who will forward your message; ACO Association I.A. members can use the member directory to contact leadership directly.
Communications Committee
Conference Committee
Ethics and Professional Standards Task Force
Finance Committee
Global Marketing Task Force
International Outreach Committee
IOA Journal Editorial Board
Membership Categories Task Force
Membership Committee
Mentoring Committee
Nominations and Governance Committee
Professional Development Committee/PDC
Research and Assessment Committee
Strategic Alliance & Partnership Task Force
Volunteer Coordination Committee

UFO Association Membership Chairperson

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