Charles Fort was known for anomalous news. Many who follow as a Historian or Researcher call themselves or peers Forteans. Charles Hoy Fort (August 6, 1874 – May 3, 1932) was an American writer and researcher who specialized in anomalous phenomena. The terms Fortean and Forteana are sometimes used to characterize various such phenomena. Fort’s books sold well and are still in print. His work continues to inspire admirers, who refer to themselves as “Forteans”, and has influenced some aspects of science fiction.

Lou Farish was an original member of our UFO Asssociation began in 2006 with Theresa J Morris, Stanton T. Friedman, George Filer, Richard Dolan, Glenn Dennis, Sally Hester, Thomas R. Morris,  Dirk Vander Plloeg, Kevin Smith, and others who have passed through this life as life historians.We are the “OLD GUARD HISTORIANS”

We are UFO Historians who know so much we cannot possibly share it all in cyberspace which can be costly for archives. We plan on asking volunteers in our ACO Association and ACE Folklife to continue assisting with their own websites in improving remembering those who kept the interest in UFO’s and other phenomenology alive. Many share the word Fortean.

We are going to grow and expand which is part of change oveer time. Our plan is to come together for those in the “OLD UFO Guard” to not be forgotten and will be kept in our UFO Association as a memory along with other Phenomenologists, Researchers, and Historians made available through the interest of others in time.

Thomas Ray Morris, a member of the US Army (1959-2015) was known as a writer, and historian. I will never have the time to write all his stories. But one story I told him I would write up was4 his UFO Story that he and I lived for over twenty years. TJ Thurmond Morris. (See Roswell UFO Encounters to begin) Repost Article UFO-Fortean-Crypto News

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