I listen to coast to coast.They mentioned about how certain souls chose their parents. First you would have to have no karma to be able to due that second – you would not be very spiritual aware. because coming back is not very spiritual. Only the five passions keep mankind here. Lust, greed, anger , vanity and sadly attachment. I break them down into Sex,drugs, cheap trills , sports and drinking. Love is there but not true love.
I sent you a email about my new book. The True Teaching of Jesus from God realization. That is my fourth book. My fifth is just about done which I want to give to who ever buys my last book. It is called How to see a UFO. I have been in the UFO world all my life . I can debate any speaker on the truth they say they are trying to tell the world. I know most speakers. I use to lecture in the the late 90’s. Sadly so much twisted info and programmed ideas. Very few people know much of the real truth behind it all. I am good friends with Sean David Morton, yes now he is in jail. I truly think they did not like his last book. One of the most important UFO books ever written.
If you ever feel like having a real speaker on about truth in the spiritual world as well as the UFO world I would love to come on. OR even have a debate show with a few speakers. I know the best in the field. Sadly I am not like most speakers – I tell it like it is and don’t feed people false hope.
There are a few people that know the truth, like why man is really here. What happens at death. What happens after. The where do aliens, demons , angels and Deities fit in.
Outside EGO most UFO speakers have nothing to say that is important to mankind. False hopes do not help well maybe for a few days but reality comes back.
I saw over thousands of ships – I worked with the number one UFO photographer in the US. for years and he copy write almost everything I shot with him. We did Project Camelot for about nine months and we put up any where from 5 to 10 pictures every week. Taken at the most important vortex in the world. Which is in New Jersey. Tesla worked there. Hope you at least read this. Thank you.   Hawksblood.

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