UFO Association
Theresa J Morris
Founder CEO

ACO Association

A professional peer review community of individuals interested in universal life living.

We are about Getting the Word Out about our members and their co-creations with us in cyberspace.

Many of our friends are in social media groups. They enjoy posting their finds in cyberspace. This may be re-posting what they have found in their own lives and share what is news worthy. We assist in helping their hobbies and interests become known in our peer review journals and on our radio shows.

Whether you’re a one-person operation — and happy to stay that way – a start-up with huge growth aspirations, or something somewhere in-between, your brand is your business identity and how you will be perceived. This is your opportunity to determine who you are and what you want people to think of you.

Regular Annual -Artist-Author -Copywriter-Editor-Writer $50
Student-In-Training $35
Non-salaried Event Volunteer $35
Retired Volunteer Event Planner $35

Advertising Community Online includes our friends in our peer review journals which we promote on our radio shows. If you would like to be a member and participate In our future events please go through the admission process by submitting your resume and or business profile.

Brand positioning, like many of these terms, contains the definition right in the term. It’s how a company chooses to position itself within a given industry to help it stand apart from the competition. A good brand positioning consists of three basic parts:

  1. Target audience: Who is the brand for? (Moms, teens, creative types, etc.)
  2. Benefit: How will the company make the audience’s life better? What’s in it for them? (Peace of mind, save money, look/feel better, etc.)
  3. Differentiator: Why choose this brand over others in the industry? (No contracts, advanced technology, superior design, etc.)

For example, General Motors has positioned Cadillac as a luxury brand while Chevrolet is an everyday brand. Cadillac’s target audience is drivers with a higher household income – people who are looking for a top-quality automobile with all the bells and whistles. Conversely, Chevrolet targets a more middle-class driver, and touts their dependability and ruggedness as selling points.

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