Greetings, I am looking to open up the gateway for people to be real to themselves as well as other people.

Learning what is really important in life as well as death. Breaking away from the programmed ideas of how we are suppose to live , how we are suppose to act, talk and even eat.  Moses came up with 613 laws – that no body could live by including himself.

Where is the line from religion and spirituality? Where is the line from government and freedom? Where is the line from aliens and demons? Should we even care? Do you care? If you do tune in and become a part of this.

I only deal with the highest truth not people’s stories. Then are you one of the few people looking to understand spirituality and moving forward? Not being locked into man’s idea of what is right and wrong.

Now so many people thinking we are going to be saved by the GOOD ALIENS> The idea of we each have our own truth is true BUT is that truth real or really important to the world or other people.

We have to get out of the box and open our mind up a little and need to find more of the truth then more of the lies.

UFO disclosure is on us but that is not as important as  alien disclosure and what they really are doing and want.

There is so much mind programming going on from many different places now you have to break away from them.

I will start getting into things to talk about. Are you ready for smashing the lies and facing the truth?

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