Greetings everyone. I am just saying welcome to all the people already here or coming in new. I am researcher for a word  since I was  six. I was always ahead of the times and most people. My first UFO experience happened at six and then again 12. I had a witness or two at each. I use most of my time going back and forth from the search for spiritual truth to the truth about aliens and demons.

I was gifted if you call it that to have had just about every experience one can have on this planet as well as the inner worlds. There is a difference between three words. Spiritual,religion and truth. Are any aliens spiritual? Are people spiritual? How many people can actually talk about spiritualism? Man lives by so many programmed ideas it is hard to find any truth.

I will try to a story every week. A (REAL one).  I had so many different kind of experiences that range from UFO’s, aliens and even Bigfoot. I spent the other half of my life with the search of God. Not alien Gods but the one and only. I am a senior  now. It took my whole life to get the questions I had since I was 12 answered.

How much of the pictures and video’s going up are real? If they are real what does it really mean? People are talking about disclosure, what do you think that really means? I will be taking questions. TJ and I will be doing shows on them as well as what we put up top talk about. I feel people need a few answers to their questions. Something that will help them when they get it.

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