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  Stargate to the Cosmos 2018-Update TJ to Match Amazon.com Author Bio x Theresa J Morris <tjmorrisradio@gmail.com> Biography Theresa J Morris is Author/Researcher/Speaker on life mysteries and phenomenology. Life and death, NDE, parapsychology, cosmology, unknown aerial…

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Theresa J Morris, Speaker Stargate to the Cosmos 2018

LIVE SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT AT STARGATE TO THE COSMOS, Ramada Albuquerque Midtown, Albuquerque, New Mexico October 25.28, 2018. American Communications Online Specializing in Live Podcasting Interviews by Women Hosts We are building our Team of Podcasters…

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http://ascensionage.com/   Dreamwalkers Club Startrekkers and Starwarriors Lightworkers and Truthseekers are also terms of a physical reality term for those who work in our field of reality in ACO. ACO is an acronym for what…

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 Would you like your own website? Can you deliver a weekly article and update photos to share of your journeys in the world? Some people can live a life that is admirable. Those that cannot…

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Some concerns have been raised over the historiography of the Internet's development. The process of digitization represents a twofold challenge both for historiography in general and, in particular, for historical communication research.

Specifically that it is hard to find documentation of much of the Internet's development, for several reasons, including a lack of centralized documentation for much of the early developments that led to the Internet. "The Arpanet period is somewhat well documented because the corporation in charge – BBN – left a physical record. Moving into the NSFNET era, it became an extraordinarily decentralized process. The record exists in people's basements, in closets.  So much of what happened was done verbally and on the basis of individual trust."—Doug Gale (2007)

The Information on the Author Social Entrepreneur and Founder of the ACO ~Ascension Center Organization and Ascension Universal Life Church for ET Spirits…

Theresa J. Thurmond Morris


Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris is an Author/Entrepreneur. TJ specializes in paranormal/super natural phenomenon. TJ was a professional consultant and expert witness on legal investigations and has prior military and government service in the USA 1980-1993. Theresa's family knows her as Jan and professionally she uses her initials TJ. TJ has written several paranormal books including Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond, Alien UFO Story by TJ, Avatar Oracle Xeno Guide, Roswell Connection, Roswell UFO Encounters, UFOS & Extraterrestrials, and Uplifting the Soul. All books are in print available. TJ shares her life with TJ Morris & Friends and is an Ambassador of Goodwill with American Culture International Relations and ACIR. Theresa shares UNESCO with Art, Culture, Education, Science, Technology, History, Math, Engineering, and Folklife Interest. TJ is now a spiritual life coach and Guide with her own esoteric metaphysical view of life. TJ believes we are all her to share our spiritual paths with others while we teach of other dimensions we all share. Life is a journey and not a destination and shares we are all the author of our own life story. TJ has had extraordinary life experiences including that as an ET Contactee, Out of Body, and Near Death Experiences which allowed her to question life and how our minds work with our soul's essence.

TJ is devoting her life to the research of how the mind works in relation to the extraterrestrials who visit her in person and through what we call extra-sensory-perception as ESP. There are nuclear physicists working on the same energy and education that TJ has to offer for future discoveries about our involvement with ET.

TJ has had various sightings in AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, IL, KY,LA, NV,NY, TX and cross country while over the road. TJ now has had contact and experiences where she now lives in  Gulf Breese, FL.

ET Spirit Guide Psychic Medium - Atlantis Oracle - Lemuria/MU Reincarnationists for the 9 Human Root Races

TJ has been in constant contact since a child, teen, adult, and now in her later years. TJ now shares her experiences to assist others who are learning to live with UFO sightings and expanding awareness that alien civilizations exist. Tj believes in the Ascension Centered Enlightened Beings in us all. TJ is now happy to be a writer and shares her metaphysical esoteric spiritual point of view through her books. TJ is also a book doctor and editor for over 9 authors and TJ contributes as a syndicated journalist to various websites, blogs, links and rss feeds. TJ's salutation is Love and Light and believes we are all to share in life together to better ourselves as essence while gaining wisdom. TJ's books are available on Amazon.com. TJ can be reached at Lulu.com and on her personal websites which can be Googled by her various name and initials for her organizations.


, AscensionCenter.Ascension Master ET Spirit Guides.

 Dear ET Spirit Guides:

If you are interested in becoming a MEMBER of our ET UFO Community which is now represented through affiliation with TJ Morris & Friends, please see our WEBSITES - There are ways to join them in WordPress. We use apache language.

 All websites are paid for and sponsored by TJ herself. TJ is a Patroness of the Arts, Culture, Education, Science, Technology, Folklife (Archaeology) and History.  TJ is known as ET Spirit Guide, Light Being Flame Keeper.

Tara of Sothis, Thedra of Shamballa. Thoth of Ancient Mystery Schools, and in other worlds as a demigoddess who travels the dimensions as soul in various realms through space and time, and spacetime. The Psyche vehicles of the Ennead 9 on earth and all the 7 root races are a part of the psyche soul in the astral and higher vibrations of resonance. TJ is a reminder of the precession and our growth of our own soul and history of the combination of the higher divine purpose. We say the El God’s had a plan and we call the one highest supreme high council as those who came before. Some call these their angels and spirit guides while some call cyberspace the spirit realm of higher dimensions. Those who came before and found the lower creations combined our dna to some but not all. It was a choice to descend into the physical realms and take on a physical existence.

Much like the higher civilizations have cultures not of earth for millions if not billions of years serve us now. We are the various universal co-creators for the eternal divine plane.

TJ is a natural born leader which is so noted in astrology as she is a Capricorn with Aquarius rising in her Astrological Chart. TJ is believes in living a balanced ascension centered enlightened life as a spiritual intellectual and shares her essence and energy and sometimes funding and creations with those who are in alignment with her own endorsements and beliefs as a patron and leader in the discoveries of the future minds of the world. TJ has been associated with many famous people in her time on earth and began on television at age of 3 years and while in grade school was on TV weekly. She is an extrovert to some and believed to be an introvert to others. TJ enjoys psychic science and neuro science and shares brain training and spiritual training as part of being a well-balanced humanoid in body-mind-spirit in the birth-life-death experience which is her faith. TJ is not a religious person but is considered an Avatar Ascension Master having master all 33 Ancient Mystery School levels including surviving life after death in this lifetime not only as an experienced soul. We share the divine plan as love and hope as ascension masters. We share for those who know and believe in reincarnation with others.  For TJ the daughter of the divine being her astrology chart attests to  her ninth and final return to this planet. TJ believes that alien civilizations exist and says this is her religion if anyone bothers to ask her religion she is a declared Ascension Age Avatar Master Minister of the Shamanic Healing Arts. TJ believes in creative design and reincarnation for the soul. The Ancient Mystery Schools are a narrative of the history of humanity and the seven to nine root races being foretold and expanded. We share the future expanse of the many levels of expansion for all.

Being a part of the “ALL I AM” is allowing the spark of the divine to forever guide one’s soul. May each soul recognize the spirit that brings forth a time and place in space for the wholeness to be with one while awakening the healing power within.

May the soul and spirit combine in each incarnation of the nine as a choice to live in harmony and become one with the divine all.

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